02 Sep 2023

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30 Aug 2023 — US-based AI peptide and genomics specialist Nuritas has developed Beyond Raw, a dynamic high-tech whey protein, in collaboration with GNC. PeptiStrong – a proprietary plant peptide that supports muscle recovery and exercise-induced inflammation – enhances the protein.
Beyond Raw can be added to shakes, smoothies, oatmeal or mixed with water. The Nuritas Magnifier technology identifies and unlocks peptide potential, elevating its natural efficacy.
The patented plant peptides with globally recognized regulatory approvals boost muscle protein synthesis and reduce markers associated with muscle breakdown. The protein demonstrates more effective delivery of workout benefits, shorter recovery times and less muscle fatigue. 
“Together, with GNC, we have crafted an incredible combination for optimizing sports performance: whey protein and bioactive peptides,” says Dr. Nora Khaldi, founder and CEO of Nuritas tells Nutrition Insight. “Whey provides the building blocks while peptides provide the cell signal to help the body make the best use of nutrition and superpower the results.” 
“Muscle’s performance and activity is down to a complex network of signals and mechanisms. Most ingredients on the market today work through either providing nutrition which has a relatively low impact on performance, or either they work by providing one simple mechanism.” 
“This one-dimensional signal has little to no impact on muscle. Combining different mechanisms and as such different signals is the most effective way to see an overall impact on muscle. This is exactly what PeptiStrong does, it combines three distinct mechanisms paramount for muscle vitality and performance: one mechanism improves muscle production, one reduces muscle breakdown, and one reduces inflammation, all simultaneously,” Khaldi explains. 
Getting those just desserts
The dietary supplement, Beyond Raw, is available in tiramisu, chocolate lava cake and vanilla ice cream “dessert flavors” without the sugar and trans fat load. PeptiStrong is the result of seven years of R&D.
“Finding PeptiStrong wasn’t easy. We tasked our AI technology to look into nature and find the best combination of plant peptides that would have all three mechanisms at the same time. We tasked it to find an ingredient that is not just efficacious but also orally bioavailable, and stable in formulations, so that one doesn’t lose the efficacy as they heat it up, bake it or ice it. This is just the start, a huge pipeline of innovative ingredients are being developed,” says Khaldi.
The protein building blocks are delivered through whey protein isolate. The cell-signaling capability of PeptiStrong increases the working power of the protein to strengthen muscles. The company says consumers could experience less fatigue in the days after training and an overall improvement in fitness performance.
Khaldi continues: “The beauty of AI and our technology, the Magnifier, is that we are creating a new generation of ingredients with clear mechanisms tailored to what every person is looking for.” 
“Whey has been used by the industry for decades. A powerful protein directly linked to muscle. The way the body, and more specifically your muscle cells, process this protein varies significantly from one person to another.”
“Ultimately what counts is how much protein your muscle is processing and producing and how it’s using it. The peptides in PeptiStrong provide this product with the cell signal to help the body make the best use of this nutrition and superpowers the overall results,” she says.
Innova Market Insights data suggests that functional food and beverages with protein claims dominate a large portion of the active nutrition market globally, with consumers showing the most interest in immune and gut health claims. 
Whey protein isolate saw 48% growth in product launches between July 2021 and June 2022 and is most prevalent in sports powders. Innova suggests that protein benefits lead to claims with 89% of product launches in the same period. Tennis underwayBeyond Raw delivers comprehensive muscle recovery for improved performance for dedicated sporters.
Dairy proteins have a 58% share in Europe of total supplements and sports nutrition launches from July 2021 to June 2022, 15% in North America and 14% in Asia. More than one in two products with dairy proteins are launched in Europe.
Limited edition flavors, such as pumpkin pie, Rocky Road and Cafe almond mocha, are also rising.
Beyond Raw says it can provide gym-goers with the stamina to train better and reach new personal bests more often. 
“Our expert product design team is always on the lookout for the next generation of ingredients,” says Rachel Jones, SVP, chief product innovation and science officer at GNC. “We loved Nuritas’ AI-based approach at peptide identification.” 
Market for health benefits in sports
In Asia, 53% of Chinese respondents say “health aspects” are essential when buying sports and functional nutrition and 46% want functionality and effectiveness, according to an Innova Category Survey.
Health benefits and affordability are key drivers across all ages, while new flavors such as cafe mocha and birthday cake win the hearts of a younger audience. The high/source of protein claim grew 8% in F&B launches between 2021 and 2022.
About 99% of whey protein sports nutrition launches claimed to be a high source of protein, Innova data suggests – a vital health claim for consumers. 
Meanwhile, Arla Foods Ingredients offers a line of whey proteins based on a patented microparticulation technology to meet the growing consumer demand for protein quality. Branded as Nutrilac ProteinBoost, the product was created to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers and manufacturers.
By Inga de Jong 
To contact our editorial team please email us at editorial@cnsmedia.com
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