05 Sep 2023

Logitech G has thrown open the doors to its entire racing product line with a new add-on called the G Racing Adapter.
In essence the G Racing Adapter serves as a middleman, allowing you to connect any Logitech G steering wheel to any Logitech G pedals, from the G25 up to the Direct Drive G Pro, and even the Driving Force Shifter peripheral.
The $39.99/€44.99/£39.99 device means that, for the first time, you can mix and match almost the entire Logitech G product line over the past 15 years. That gives you access to a fully customizable Logitech sim racing set up, or allows you to upgrade your rig piece by piece if you’re looking to pick up new pedals without having to spend on the wheel as well.
To achieve this, the Racing Adapter has four connectors. There’s the USB in for your racing wheel, two nine-pin connectors that are compatible with pedals and the Driving Force Shifter, and USB out to console.
According to the product description, you can connect any of the current generation wheels — G29/920, G923, or Pro — to the Racing Adapter, and hook up pedals from any wheel right back to the G25 from 2006.
Unfortunately that means the G25/27 wheel, or much older products like the Driving Force wheels, aren’t supported, for those of you yet to upgrade from the PS3 era. The modern Driving Force Shifter is also supported, but the G25 Gear Shifter is not.
In addition there’s a large dial on the Racing Adapter which allows you to directly adjust the brake pressure on the load cell in the Pro Racing Pedals, without having to head into any settings menus.
The G Racing Adapter is compatible with PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox One/Series platforms, though for console users you will need a wheel that is compatible with your console in order to use it. It also comes with the G Hub software for PC use.
You can pick up the G Racing Adapter now at the official Logitech website, with shipping set to begin this month.
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