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Feeder Handles Poor Flowing, Sticky Powders – Plastics Technology

Unit combines mechanical design of Kubota gravimetric feeders with Brabender Technologie GmbH’s load cell and motor technology.    
The NX Series feeder from Kubota Brabender Technologie is designed for poor-flowing, sticky powders as well as fibers and pellets. This unit combines the proven mechanical design of one of Kubota most innovative gravimetric feeders with Brabender Technologie GmbH’s proven load cells and motors.
Photo: Kubota Brabender
The result is a medium-capacity feeder featuring a special negative angle wall hopper geometry and an diagonal agitator that prevents bridging and ensures optimal bulk material flow into the screw. In combination with other innovative components, mass flow is optimized and a uniform screw fill level is achieved. 
This makes the feeder the first jointly developed product of  Kubota Brabender Technologie. Brabender became a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubota in June 2022.
Separates dust from displaced air when a vessel is filled with bulk solids.   
Automates control over weighing, dosing, and feeding from up to four feeders on up to four different processing lines from a single HMI screen.  
Can reprocess 90-110 lb/hr of PE scrap and is fed via a trim basket and/or optional roll feed.  
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