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How To Free The Prisoner In The Well In Starfield – TheGamer

The prisoner will be grateful… right?
New Atlantis is the first major city you will visit when you begin your Starfield journey across the cosmos. You’ll soon learn that the pristine, clean aesthetic portrayed by the UC does not show the full picture of New Atlantis. Travel to the underbelly of the city, and you’ll reach the Well, a poor shanty-like district where crime and homelessness are rampant.
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It’s no surprise that the UC has its own security office in the Well. Inside the office, you can find a prisoner locked in a cell, and it's actually possible to set the prisoner free. However, you may want to rethink doing so.
The Well Prisoner is found on the second floor of the UC Security Office, locked in a cell. You can get to the UC Security Office by turning left at the Spaceport Well elevator. The House of Enlightened can be seen directly in front of the UC Security Office.
We recommend saving your game before attempting to free the Well prisoner in case UC Security spots you.
There are two ways that you can free the Well Prisoner:
We recommend stealing the Well Security Key from a UC Security Officer, as you’ll have access to every locked container in the facility. You can pickpocket as early as rank one Theft and have a 70 percent chance to steal the key successfully.
We highly recommend that you invest a skill point in Stealth for freeing the Well prisoner to use alongside lock picking or pick pocketing method.
Once you free the Well Prisoner, they will calmly leave the cell and walk down the stairs. The UC Security will not react on the second floor; however, as soon as the prisoner reaches the first floor, UC Security will kill the prisoner unleashing a hail of bullets and Karson giving the prisoner a brisk right hook.
When this happens, you will hear screaming and shouting in the Well, and citizens will begin to run away, with some using the elevator to get to the New Atlantis Spaceport.
The prisoner will always die, leaving you a Solstice and a pack of 1.5KV LZR Cartridges. However, the prisoner may drop different loot each time you load up a save. Other than that, it's just another funny Bethesda incident.
You’ll be able to open the UC Security Safes using the Well Security Key. The safes are found behind the emergency door opposite the prison cell. You can loot a few thousand credits and resources from the safes, so you might as well if you own the key.
To escape, you can pull the nearby lever to open the gate and exit the UC Security Office thieves guild style.
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