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Massload Delivers Custom Weigh Solution for Prominent Oil & Gas OEM – BOE Report

BOE Report

Not often highlighted in Oil & Gas and with OEMs are the needs for weigh solutions for a variety of applications, including gas desanding, proppant weighing, pipe laying, hoisting, and wireline tension monitoring among others.
With the extreme conditions often associated with these application locations, durability and accuracy are absolutely critical to the success of any such solution. OEMs need to be very selective in choosing a weigh solution partner.
Recently, Massload Technologies, a global leader in the design of weigh solutions for oil and gas applications, was chosen by a prominent OEM for just such a challenging project and the results speak for themselves.
A well-known OEM who is a prominent player in the Oil & Gas sector needed to measure the weight of the desander vessel during operation. As accuracy and reliability were paramount, the OEM sought a trusted partner with global expertise in precision weighing systems to integrate into their desander.
However, there were several key challenges that required specialized weighing solutions:
Massload Technologies’ team of engineers worked closely with the OEM to understand the specific requirements and challenges of the project. They proposed a unique custom weighing
solution that addressed all the key challenges and provided optimal accuracy and reliability. The solution included the following components:
The collaboration between Massload Technologies and the Oil & Gas OEM resulted in a seamless and successful implementation of a custom weighing solution for the natural gas desander.
The project resulted in enhanced efficiency from the weighing system which enabled the OEM to optimize the desander’s performance and increase overall operational efficiency. Additionally, the precise measurements of solid particles facilitated better separation, resulting in higher-quality natural gas output with reduced impurities while helping to extend the lifespan of the equipment due to the rugged design of Massload’s load cells.
Natural Gas Desander
The success of this custom weighing solution for the natural gas desander demonstrated Massload Technologies’ proven expertise in providing tailored weighing solutions for OEMs in the Oil & Gas industry. Through close collaboration and innovative engineering, Massload delivered a robust and accurate weighing system that significantly improved the efficiency and performance of the desander.
Massload Technologies designs and manufactures robust industrial weigh solutions for a variety of oil and gas applications including gas desanding, proppant weighing, pipe laying, hoisting and
wireline tension monitoring.
Learn more about how Massload Technologies displays proven durability under even the toughest conditions at:
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