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Stem-cap-replacing Micro smartphone mount hides in plain sight – New Atlas

Handlebar-mounted smartphones can really help cyclists navigate, but the phone-mount devices themselves may look kinda gawky when not in use. That’s where the Micro Mount comes in, as it simply replaces the bike’s stem cap.
Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the Micro is made by British cycling gear startup Loop. Installing it is a matter of just removing the bolt that holds the bike’s handlebar stem cap in place, removing the cap itself, then permanently replacing it with the Micro.
As long as the device isn’t holding a phone, it takes the form of a 31-gram (1-oz) aluminum disc measuring 37 mm wide by 18 mm thick – it really just looks like a fat stem cap.
To mount a smartphone in it, users simply flip up and pull apart the two sides of the Micro’s spring-loaded bracket, stick their phone inside, then release the sides of the bracket to securely grip the phone. According to Loop, the gadget can accommodate any smartphone measuring up to 83 mm wide by 12.7 mm thick.
It should be noted that the Micro can only be mounted directly onto the top of threadless stems. For users with other stem types – or who would simply prefer to mount the device on their handlebars – an available adapter can be utilized, which is affixed to the bike via looped O rings.
The Micro Mount is available in color choices of black or silver for a pledge of £32 (about US$41) – that’s 27% off the planned retail price. Assuming it reaches production, it should ship in September. The device is demonstrated in the video below.
Other stem-cap-replacing gadgets we’ve seen in the past have included a clock, GoPro mount, Bluetooth speaker, cycling computer, multi-tool and garage door opener.
Source: Kickstarter


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