03 Sep 2023

Metis Engineering, a frontrunner in battery sensor technology, has launched Cell Guard, an innovative solution addressing the issue of unnecessary disposal of used Electric Vehicles (EVs). Currently, the industry lacks robust and reliable information about battery health, often leading to scrapping vehicles involved in minor collisions. The introduction of Cell Guard aims to transform this scenario by providing comprehensive data on battery health.
The growth and sustainability of the used EV market is hindered by the unavailability of substantial information on battery conditions. Until now, there hasn’t been an effective solution for potential buyers or insurance companies to ascertain the health of an EV’s battery. This absence of information has led to the premature write-off of vehicles and has driven up insurance premiums, presenting a barrier to the flourishing of the second-hand EV market and impacting environmental sustainability.
Cell Guard, a unique sensor equipped with an accelerometer for measuring shock load up to +/-24G, can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any battery system. Beyond offering crucial transparency data on battery health, the solution can also monitor other vital parameters such as VOCs, pressure changes, humidity, and dew point. This information enables accurate and rapid detection of cell venting and thermal runaway within seconds. With Cell Guard’s ability to provide unprecedented insights into battery health, the second-hand EV market is set for a revolutionary transformation. It also offers benefits like improved re-sale value of EVs, reduced insurance premiums, and a more sustainable ecosystem for EVs.
“The unaddressed risk of poor EV battery health has been one of the most substantial barriers impeding the growth of the used EV market,” says Joe Holdsworth, CEO, Metis Engineering. With Cell Guard, an innovative solution built using ISO26262 processes and certified to ISO Automotive Standards, Metis Engineering aims to bridge this gap between insurers, consumers, and the EV industry. Its potential to radically improve decision-making, enhance the re-sale market, and contribute towards the sustainability of EVs establishes a new standard in advanced battery health monitoring in the industry.
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