04 Sep 2023

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| Aug 11, 2020
The UltiMAX bulk bag unloader can be configured as a loss-in-weight system with ease, by mounting the entire frame on load cells.
This low-profile unit allows the operator to have control over the amount of material dispensed from the bag to downstream equipment accurately and dust-free. The control panel offers the operator a series of pre-programed recipes that can be selected depending upon batch requirements for a specific production run. Once the bag is untied the gate valve automatically controls the flow of product from fully open to dribble feed as the target weight nears and fully closed once target weight is reached.
The UltiMAX loss-in-weight bulk bag unloaders can also be equipped with alternate dispensing methods including a variable speed rotary airlock or our FlexMAX flexible screw conveyor.
Erie Technical Systems, Erie, PA. 814-899-2103 www.bulkfilling.com
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