05 Sep 2023

Asetek SimSports, the Danish-based sim racing equipment manufacturer, has released details about its forthcoming mid-range Forte load cell pedalset.
Designed to sit below their flagship Invicta pedal range, the Forte – meaning ‘force’ or ‘strength’ – comes as a two-pedal package, with the load cell brake featuring Asetek’s proprietary Mechanical Load Cell Powered Cylinder (M.L.C.P.C.™).
Tested up to 180kg of force, the brake pedal relies on a mechanical hard stop to prevent over-exercising of the elastomer present in most load cell brake pedal systems. This prevents cracking and a breakdown of the elastomer, meaning the brake pedal should provide consistent braking performance over time.
As well as the mechanical hard stop, the brake piston also features a small rubber ring, which when compressed simulates threshold braking.
Although Forte Sim Racing Pedals come with throttle and brake pedals, a separate clutch can be purchased for $349/€349. Also, for simracers who prefer to wear socks, the Forte pedals will thankfully be fitted with grippy pedal face material.
The Forte is fully constructed from aluminium, giving it a solid, industrial quality. The set has an attractive brushed finish, with anodised orange pistons and adjustable thumb screws.
Our very own Dave Cam was extremely impressed by Asetek’s Invicta hydraulic brake pedalset, so we have high hopes for their load cell variant.
The company also plans to manufacture and release wheelbases and steering wheels under its Invicta and Forte labels in future, as it tries to gain a bigger foothold in the pro and mid-level sim racing peripheral market.
The Asetek Forte Sim Racing Pedals are PC compatible only, with hints of console compatibility in future. They are available for pre-order now, priced at $499/€499, with shipping likely to commence in June this year.
What do you think about the Asetek Forte pedals? Let us know in the comments below.
The load cell Asetek SimSports Forte pedlas will cost $499/€499.
Pre-orders for the Forte load cell sim racing pedals start on 4th April 2022 with customer shipments beginning in June 2022.


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