05 Sep 2023

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With the WAT+ series, REDEX Group offers an unparalleled level of versatility, accuracy, and measurement stability for narrow web applications. The load cells are meticulously crafted using an innovative modular architecture that supports various mounting accessories, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
At the core of the WAT+ series is a highly versatile load cell that serves as the foundation for the entire solution. This modular design allows engineers to easily attach different mounting accessories, offering flexibility and adaptability for diverse requirements. Through careful internal structure optimization, the WAT+ series offers three different measurement sensitivities, categorized by size.
The compact size 1 load cell covers tension measurement ranges of 50N, 250N, and 500N, making it ideal for narrower web applications. On the other hand, the new size 2 load cell is designed to handle larger webs in converting markets or stronger products in cable or metal strip applications, offering measurement ranges of 1000N, 2500N, and 5000N. One of the most remarkable features of the WAT+ series is its ability to maintain consistent measurement values regardless of the position of the product on a cantilever roller. This achievement is a result of advanced research and finite element calculations performed on the internal structure of the load cell.
Moreover, the modular design of the WAT+ series offers cost-saving benefits, as the same accessories can be used across different load ranges, streamlining inventory and enhancing efficiency for businesses. The flexibility of the WAT+ series extends beyond its pre-designed mounting accessories. Engineers can easily design their own accessories tailored to meet specific requirements, including custom lengths, surface treatments, and pulley shapes, enabling them to fine-tune the load cell to match their unique applications.
Complementing the WAT+ load cells is the Ampliblock+, a state-of-the-art universal sensors signal amplifier, offering a comprehensive package solution for dynamic and accurate tension systems across various industries. Speaking about the latest offering, a spokesperson from REDEX Group stated, “With the launch of the WAT+ series, we are proud to extend our dedication to providing cutting-edge tension control solutions to industries where we are already a trusted supplier. Our modular architecture and advanced internal structure optimization ensure enhanced accuracy and measurement stability, supporting the diverse needs of our customers in the composites, wire & cable, converting, packaging, labelling, and battery manufacturing sectors.”
The REDEX Group continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction by offering top-of-the-line tension control solutions that empower businesses to achieve optimal productivity and product quality.

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