06 Sep 2023

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The iNET-600 Series A/D module provides 16SE/8DI voltage input channels (Ch#1…#16). Each of these channels can be independently programmed using Windows software which supports direct connection to many common sensor types. The voltage input range on each channel can be independently programmed using the software to one of the following: ±20 mV, ±40 mV, ±80 mV, ±150 mV, ±300 mV, ±600 mV, ±1.2 V, ±2.5 V, ±5 V, ±10 V.
A mating Hd44 female connector and cover are included. Alternatively, an iNET-600 series can be attached to the following optional wiring boxes: iNET-500, iNET-511, iNET-512. An iNET-510 wiring box should be used if work with thermocouples is required, as it provides internal cold junction compensation.
The iNET-600 Series is a stand-alone USB data acquisition system. No additional components, for example, an external power supply, are required. Included in the box are an iNET-600 Series hardware device, a USB Cable, a CD containing relevant software, a mating Hd44 female connector and a Hd44 Cover.
The maximum digitizing sample rate is 160 K sample/second for 1 channel, 12 K samples/sec/channel for 2 channels, 6 K samples/sec/channel for 4 channels, and 3 samples/sec/channel for 8 channels. For more details, see voltage accuracy.
For each channel, a range of parameters are programmable using the software. These parameters are the following: A/D signal-averaging-per-point (0 … 100 mSec), sample rate (samples-per-second-per-channel), voltage measurement range (±20 mV to ±10 V), Digital IIR filter (low pass, band pass, high pass, or band stop), sensor type, and single-ended or differential wiring.
Excitation power is provided for sensors (+3.3 V ±0.2 V, < 80 mA, 28 mA per sensor max), as are other end user power voltages. Referenced to instruNet ground, this 3.3 V, is automatically read back by A/D during the calculation of sensor values.
The digital I/O port for the 4 mA sink/source is made up of 4 individual TTL compatible lines (Ch#25…#28), which can each be configured as either input or output bit. When configured as an input, a channel can be used to sense a digital low (0 V to 0.8 V) or a digital high (2 to 5.5 V). When configured as an output, a channel can be set low (e.g. < 0.8 V) or high (e.g. > 2 V). These I/O pins are short-circuit protected against high voltages greater than 6.0 V and down to -6.0 V.
Easily Set Up Sensors
The sensors can be set up easily using the Quick Setup dialog box.
Optional Wiring Boxes
Each of the iNET-510, iNET-511 andiNET-512 wiring boxes can be easily bolted to devices in the iNET-600 series. The iNET-510 is the cheapest and the simplest, and also offers thermocouple support.  The iNET-511 includes 8 BNC connectors, while the iNET-512 includes a vRef/2 source.  This source can be used to help complete ¼ bridge and ½ bridge strain gauge circuits. If thermocouple measurement is required, then the iNET-510 is the only wiring box that will work, as a result of its internal temperature sensor for cold junction compensation.
Analog Inputs
Sensor Measurement
Digital I/O
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