14 Sep 2023

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A total of 156 Finalists for the 2023 R&D 100 Awards have been announced by R&D World magazine. This renowned worldwide science and innovation competition, celebrating its 61st year, received entries from 15 different countries and regions. This year’s esteemed judging panel included 45 well-respected industry professionals from across the world.
The Finalists are listed below by category, and then alphabetically by submission name, and include primary submitting organizations and then co-developing organizations, as provided to R&D World.
The 100 Winners will be announced in one week, on August 22nd, along with Medalists in the five Special Recognition categories and Winners in the five Professional Awards categories. Please note that Special Recognition categories and Professional Awards categories have no Finalists, so today’s release does not apply to those submissions.
The 2023 R&D 100 gala banquet will be held in San Diego on November 16th. Details and a registration link will be provided next week, along with the winners announcement. Finalist logos are available for download here (PDF) and here (.png file).
A sincere congratulations from our whole staff to all of the Finalists. Being a Finalist is indeed a great honor!
30X MWIR continuous zoom lens with folded structure
Viettel High Tech
A Novel Eye drop, the most convenient treatment for wet macular degeneration
TheratOcular Biotek Co., Ltd.
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Additively Manufactured Thermally Conductive Collimators for Neutron Instrumentation
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Neutron Sciences Directorate
PolarOnyx, Inc.
Automated live cell imaging system, Celloger® Mini Plus
Curiosis Inc.
Autonomous Sparse — Aperture Multibeam Echo Sounder
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Cellpuri, cell concentration system
Curiosis Inc.
EUV N&K and Phase Measurement Tool
EUV Tech
FreeStyle Libre 3
Quantum Design, Inc.
Quantum Design Microscopy GmbH
Galleon™ Microbiome Analysis–Cargill’s First-and-only Microbiome Assessment Platform for Gaining Intelligence into and Supporting Improved Health in Chicken Flocks
Grid Impedance Scan Tool (GIST): Finding and Preventing Power Grid Instabilities
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
High throughput sequencer DNBSEQ-T20_2
MGI and Complete Genomics
Intelligent Radio Frequency Ablation is a highly effective and precise radiofrequency ablation technology
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Compal Electronics, Inc.
MAVEN, New Glucose and Lactate On-Line Device for Bioprocess Monitoring and Control
908 Devices
MockV® RVLP Kit
Maravai LifeSciences
Cygnus Technologies
NACHOS: NanoSatellite Atmospheric Chemistry Hyperspectral Observation System
Los Alamos National Laboratory
NanoPak-C-SPE — Electrochemically-Controlled Selective & Rapid Solid Phase Extraction
Millennial Scientific
Noncontact Laser Ultrasound (NCLUS) for Medical Imaging
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Center for Ultrasound Research Translation (CURT) and Sound & Bright, LLC
OpeN-AM: A Platform for Operando Neutron Diffraction Measurements of Additive Manufacturing
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Physics-Informed, Active Learning–Driven Autonomous Microscopy for Science Discovery
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Pre-Symptomatic VOC Detector of Seizure Events
Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
KNOW Biological Atlanta, GA
Rapid Droplet Sampling Interface for Ultrahigh-Throughput Mass Spectrometry Analysis
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Revio Sequencing System
SCHOTT® LightView
SwRI Engine for Automatic Biomechanical Evaluation (ENABLE™)
Southwest Research Institute
Tescan Tensor: The World’s First Integrated, Precession-Assisted, Analytical 4D-STEM
Tescan Group, a.s.
Thermo Scientific DynaSpin Single-use Centrifuge
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Scientific AccelerOme™ Automated Sample Preparation Platform
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Scientific Orbitrap™ Ascend Tribrid™ Mass Spectrometer
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermographic Phosphor Digital Image Correlation (TP+DIC)
Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
Unique eye drop formulation for glaucoma therapy
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
TheratOcular Biotek Co., Ltd.
A 250 kW All Silicon Carbide Motor Drive for Hybrid Electric Aircraft
University of Arkansas
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Wolfspeed, Inc. Ampaire ARPA-E, U.S. Dept. of Energy
Bat Tags
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Cerberus: Cybersecurity for EV Charging Infrastructure
Idaho National Laboratory
Digital Buoy System: The First Cost-Efficient, Scalable Solution for Tracking Buoys in Real Time to Improve Marine Safety
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
USACE Army Geospatial Center
Doppler Cloak
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Epitaxial Drift Step Recovery Diode
Lawrence Livemrore National Laboratory
United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command, BAE Systems, Lawrence Semiconductor Research Laboratory.
High Performing Dual Phases Nano Immersion Coolant for 5G Servers
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute
HFC Industry Ltd.
Honeywell Safety Watch
Honeywell Process Solutions
Intelligent Pillow for Healthy Sleeping
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute
Super Rich Moulders Ltd.
Joint Communication Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JCAUS) Security/Cyber Module End Cryptographic Unit
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific
Miniaturized and Low-Aerodynamic-Noise Shinkansen Antenna for Overhead Line Voltage Detection and Wireless Communication
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Central Japan Railway Co.
Ordered Key-value Computational Storage Device (KV-CSD)
Los Alamos National Laboratory
SK hynix
Portable Aircraft Derived Weather Observation System (PADWOS)
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Privacy enhancing platform for alternative credit scoring
Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd.
Prometheus/Euclid/Seagull Suite of Algorithms for Analysis of Multi-Modal Data
The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Pulse Based Ultra High Frequency (PB-UHF) Communication System
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dirac Solutions, Inc.
Scalable Photonic Quantum Memory Module
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Schott TO PLUS® headers
SynSteg: Synesthesia+Steganography–Based Encryption Systems
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
The Cryo-FE: A Near-Monochromatic Tuneable Cryogenic Niobium Electron Field Emitter for Ultra-High-Resolution Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Transformer Watchman
National Energy Technology Lab
University of Pittsburgh Sensible Photonics
Sandia National Labs (SNL)
Wearable Thin-Film Thermoelectric Cooling Device (TFTEC) for Prosthetics and Haptics
The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Wideband Conformal Continuous-Slot Antenna Array
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
Wrinkle-Free, Flexible and High Contrast Screen for Portable Display
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute
Arovia Hong Kong Ltd.
3M™ Performance Spray Gun with Fine Finish Nozzle Technology
5-tonne per day (TPD) CO2 Capture from Blast Furnace Gas
Tata Steel Ltd.
Carbon Clean
80°F Thermostatic Microcapsules Ultra-fine Fiber Leather
Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI)
Seda Chemical Products Co. Ltd.
A continuous hot-roll process to manufacture nanograin Neo magnet
Critical Materials Institute, Ames National Laboratory
The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel Ltd. (HKRITA)
Additive manufactured cutting tool for precision machining
Kennametal Inc.
University of Maryland, College Park
BETAMATE™ Broad Bake Adhesives for sustainable mass manufacturing of battery electric vehicles
Bio-inspired Silicone Sealant for Wet Surface Adhesion
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute
Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.
BioLAN™ Lignin Based Composites
Prisma Renewable Composite, Inc.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Physical Science Directorate, Carbon and Composites Group
Closed-loop system for PI film manufacturing processes that 99% of VOCs are recycled and reuse.
Taimide Tech Inc.
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Closing the loop on HDSS polyethylene packaging bags through PCR Incorporation
Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, a business unit of Dow Inc.
Plastar Buenos Aires S.A. Celsur S.A Amiplast S.A.
Critical Rare Earth Free Cerium Gap Magnets
Critical Materials Institute, Ames National Laboratory
Decolorization Plus: Dye Removal Technology for garment-to-garment PET Textile recycling
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).
Depolymerization Agent for Carbon Fiber Reinforced composites Circularity
Industrial Technology Research Institute_(ITRI)
DEXCARE™ CD-1 Polymer
Dow Consumer Solutions
Dow Coating Materials
Dow Coating Materials
Dow LDPE 91003 HEALTH+™ Resin for High Purity and Transparent Medical Packaging
Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, a business unit of Dow
Dual-Purpose Impact Dissipating Bollard for Road Safety
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute
DuPont Styrofoam Plazamate XR Extruded Polystyrene Foam with 30% Higher Thermal Resistivity
DuPont de Nemours, Inc, Water and Protection, Performance Building Solutions
DuPont™ Nomex® Comfort with Ecoforce™ Fabric
EASE: Ether-based Aqueous Separations and Extractions
Idaho National Laboratory
Ames National Laboratory
Eco-designed ingredient PURESIL ORG 03 for improved performance at lower carbon footprint
Eco-friendly Materials for Garment Heat Transfer Printing
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute
SEC Accessories Ltd.
Electrified Fiber Sorbents for Energy-Efficient Direct Air Capture
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Saudi Aramco Research and Development Center
Elkem Silicone Elastomers as Modifiable Excipient for Drug Delivery Devices
Elkem Silicones Corp.
FABIA: Fieldable Atomic Beam Isotopic Analyzer
Los Alamos National Laboratory
FilmTec™ Fortilife™ NF1000 Nanofiltration Membranes
Gravity-free Brassiere Using Bio-inspired Shock-absorbing Materials
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute
Super Rich Moulders Ltd.; Four K Knitters Ltd.
Greener, Faster and Tougher Polyurea Gelcoat
Grid Regulation Delivered by Aggregations of Loads (GRID-BAL)
Los Alamos National Laboratory
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Pecan Street Inc.; University of California, Berkeley
High Transfer Efficiency Commercial Vehicle Coating System
Axalta Coating Systems
Highly thermal conductive material for 5G and ADAS application
The Dow Chemical Co.
Hyperspectral X-ray Imaging Detector (HXI)
Los Alamos National Laboratory
National Institute of Standards, Boulder, Colo.; University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo.
Hytrel® TPC ECO-B, a sustainable product offering from bio circular feedstock through a mass-balance approach
INFICON Ion Reference Gauge IRG080
INNATE™ ST100 Precision Packaging Resin
Innovative LNP™ ELCRES™ Resin: Enables Advancements in Renewable Solar Energy Industry by Achieving the Highest Electrical Tracking Resistance CTI0
LiZ Armored Polyaramid Separator
General Motors
Microvast Holdings, Inc. Pacific Industrial Development Corp.
MercLok™ P-640 Amendment for Mercury Remediation
Albemarle Amendments, LLC
Micro-Foaming Pellets (MFPs) for Completely Closed-cell Foamed Bottles
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute
Ace Plastic Ltd.
On-Demand, Pressure-Triggered Sealant for Prefab Building Construction
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
CertainTeed, Saint Gobain, Bensonwood
One-stop solution of vacuum metallized PE enabling recyclable high barrier packaging
Dow Inc
PPG Pitt-Therm 909 High Performance Spray-On Insulation Coating
Recycled Waste-gas Based Polyester Fiber
Far Eastern New Century Corp. (FENC)
Zendure USA Inc
Solventless Antimisting SYL-OFF™ SL 184 Release Coating – Innovation Breakthrough Enabling Fast and Sustainable Label Market Growth
Dow Performance Silicones
Sustainable Ion Exchange Resin for Ultrapure Water Treatment
DuPont Water Solutions
Sustainable low emission zero degassing high voltage cable insulation compound
Dow, Inc.
ULTEM™ DT1820EV resin, innovation material solution enabling cost-effective metallization to uplift consumer electronics designs
E Ink Gallery™ 3
E Ink
A low-cost and scalable strategy to microencapsulate salt hydrate phase change materials
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
ELECPURE™ Technology for Electronic Processing
Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
Electrochemical Machining System for Intelligent Electrode with Three-Dimensional Variable Curvature (EMS)
Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC)
FixCarbon Technology: Carbon-Negative Bioplastics from Afforestation
Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER), Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan, ROC (Taiwan).
NZ Bio Forestry Ltd.
GRX-810: A 3D Printable Alloy Designed for Extreme Environments
NASA’s Glenn Research Center
Honeywell’s Ethanol-to-Jet Processing Technology
Innovative Solution Provider for 3D-IC Packaging Inspection
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Liquid Medium Entropy Alloy Catalyst (LMEAC) for Production of CO2-free Hydrogen and High-Value Carbon Products
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Micrometer-based, Customized Production System technology
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Novel Underwater Transducer Structures Using Additive Manufacturing
Lithoz America LLC MSI Transducers Inc.
Precise, Continuous, & High-Speed Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Composites Using Additive Manufacturing-Compression Molding (AM-CM)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Rapid Response Steel Tooling using Additive Manufacturing
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Solution-processed Perovskite Crystalline Films (SPeC)
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Thermo Fisher Scientific Gibco™ CTS™ DynaCellect™ Magnetic Separation System (CTS DynaCellect system)
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Titanium Production — a transformative and sustainable process
University of Utah
Acoustic Resonance Spectroscopy (ARS) Mechanical Condition Monitoring_
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Argonne National Laboratory
Annotated Translated Disassembled Code (@DisCo)
Idaho National Laboratory
CANDLE (CANcer Distributed Learning Environment)
Argonne National Laboratory
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Los Alamos National Laboratory Fredrick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
Cardinal: Accelerating Discovery in Fusion and Fission Energy
Argonne National Laboratory
Idaho National Laboratory
Chaff Detection
Lincoln Laboratory
Climate Risk & Resilience Portal (ClimRR)
Argonne National Laboratory
AT&T Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Deep Resolve – MRI Faster than ever before
Siemens Healthineers
FEVER: Fast Evaluation of Viral Emerging Risks
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Green Computing Toolbox
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
High Efficiency Aspect ratio Deposition/Matrix ALD
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Analytic Platform
Institute for Information Industry
MALA: Materials Learning Algorithms
Sandia National Labs (SNL)
Center for Advanced Systems Understanding (CASUS) at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (Germany)
Materials Data Driven Design (MAD3)
Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
Medium- and Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Infrastructure – Load Operation and Deployment (HEVI-LOAD)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Meta Optics Studio
Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
Stellar Science Ltd. Co.
OpenMxP — Open-Source Mixed Precision Computing
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
PowerModelsONM: Optimizing Operations of Networked Microgrids for Resilience
Los Alamos National Laboratory
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
RevaComm Department of the Air Force–MIT AI Accelerator MIT U.S. Air Force 15th Wing U.S. Air Force 60th Air Mobility Wing U.S. Air Force 437th Airlift Wing Headquarters Air Mobility Command Air Force Research Laboratory Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Installations, Environment, and Energy) Raytheon-BBN
py4DSTEM — an open source software package for electron microscopy data analysis
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Qnovo’s SpectralX: Intelligent lithium-ion battery management software
Qnovo Inc.
RAVEN — Computational Platform Performing Stochastic Analyses
Idaho National Laboratory
Simcyp™ Discovery Simulator Reduces the Risk of Failure in the Early Stages of Drug Development
Simulation and Emulation for Advanced Systems (SEAS): Bridging the Gap Between Energy Transition Planning and Implementation
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Smart Energy for a Sustainable Ecosystem
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Taiwan CPC Corp.
SuperNeuro: An Accelerated Neuromorphic Computing Simulator
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
The O-RAN energy-efficient private network management technology
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Pegatron Corp.
The reV Model: Unmatched Wind and Solar Generation Detail at Scale
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
ThreatHunter — HoneyNet with Machine-Learning Based Network Flow Analysis for Cyber-Crime Threat Intelligence
Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd.
Variorum: Vendor-Agnostic Computing Power Management
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Vitro Architectural Glass — VitroSphere™ Digital Glass Simulator
Vitro Architectural Glass
Viz Employs AI to Detect Unruptured Aneurysms and Coordinate Patient Care
ZFP: Fast, Accurate Data Compression for Modern Supercomputing Applications
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Once again, the Finalist logos are avallable here (PDF) and here (.png file) for all finalists to use in their marketing, social media, and promotional campaigns.

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