08 May 2024

Building a digital weight scale using Arduino and HX711 can be a fun and educational project for electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of creating your own digital weight scale using these components.

1. Arduino board (such as Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano)
2. HX711 load cell amplifier module
3. Load cell sensor
4. LCD display
5. Potentiometer
6. Breadboard
7. Wires
8. Power source

Step 1: Connecting the HX711 module to Arduino
The HX711 module is used to amplify the signal coming from the load cell sensor. Connect the HX711 module to the Arduino as follows:
– VCC to 5V pin on Arduino
– GND to GND pin on Arduino
– DT to digital pin 3 on Arduino
– SCK to digital pin 2 on Arduino

Step 2: Connecting the load cell sensor to HX711
The load cell sensor is used to detect the weight placed on the scale. Connect the load cell sensor to the HX711 module as follows:
– Red wire to E+ on HX711
– Black wire to E- on HX711
– White wire to A- on HX711
– Green wire to A+ on HX711

Step 3: Connecting the LCD display to Arduino
The LCD display is used to show the weight measured by the scale. Connect the LCD display to the Arduino as follows:
– VCC to 5V pin on Arduino
– GND to GND pin on Arduino
– SDA to analog pin A4 on Arduino
– SCL to analog pin A5 on Arduino

Step 4: Programming the Arduino
Upload the following code to the Arduino board using the Arduino IDE:

[Arduino code goes here]

Step 5: Calibrating the scale
To ensure accurate measurements, you will need to calibrate the scale by placing known weights on it and adjusting the potentiometer until the displayed weight matches the actual weight.

Step 6: Testing the scale
Once the scale is calibrated, you can start testing it by placing various objects on the scale and checking if the displayed weight is accurate.

Congratulations, you have successfully built a digital weight scale using Arduino and HX711! This project can be further expanded by adding features such as data logging, Bluetooth connectivity, or a mobile app interface. Have fun experimenting with your new digital weight scale!


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