16 May 2024

The Futek LTH350 Load Cell is a state-of-the-art measuring device that offers a wide range of features and benefits for users in various industries. From aerospace to automotive, the LTH350 Load Cell provides precise and reliable measurements for a variety of applications. Let’s explore some of the key features and benefits of this innovative device.

One of the standout features of the Futek LTH350 Load Cell is its high accuracy and reliability. With a non-repeatability of 0.03% and a non-linearity of 0.05%, this load cell offers precise and consistent measurements, ensuring that users can trust the data it provides. This makes it ideal for applications where accuracy is crucial, such as in the aerospace industry where even the smallest discrepancy can have significant consequences.

Another key feature of the LTH350 Load Cell is its compact and lightweight design. Weighing just 6 oz, this load cell can easily be integrated into existing systems without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. Its small size also makes it versatile and easy to maneuver, allowing users to place it in tight or hard-to-reach spaces for measurements.

In addition to its accuracy and compact design, the Futek LTH350 Load Cell also offers a wide measuring range, with capacities ranging from 25 to 10,000 lbs. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from testing the strength of materials to monitoring the weight of components in manufacturing processes.

One of the key benefits of the LTH350 Load Cell is its robust construction and durability. Made from high-quality materials, this load cell is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and heavy use. Its stainless steel construction also makes it resistant to corrosion, ensuring that it will provide reliable measurements for years to come.

Overall, the Futek LTH350 Load Cell is a powerful and versatile measuring device that offers precision, reliability, and durability. Whether you’re working in the aerospace, automotive, or manufacturing industry, this load cell is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With its high accuracy, compact design, and wide measuring range, the LTH350 Load Cell is a must-have tool for any professional looking to take their measurements to the next level.


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