05 Jun 2024

Are you looking to incorporate weight sensors into your projects but not sure where to start? Look no further! In this guide, we will walk you through the process of using the Arduino HX711, a commonly used module for interfacing with weight sensors, to get you up and running in no time.

The first step in using weight sensors with the Arduino HX711 is to connect the module to your Arduino board. The HX711 module typically comes with four pins – VCC, GND, DT (data), and SCK (clock). You will need to connect VCC to 5V on the Arduino, GND to GND, DT to a digital pin (e.g. pin 2), and SCK to another digital pin (e.g. pin 3).

Next, you will need to install the HX711 library on your Arduino IDE. You can do this by going to Sketch -> Include Library -> Manage Libraries, and then searching for “HX711” and installing it. This library will provide you with functions to read data from the weight sensor.

Once you have the library installed, it’s time to write some code. Here is a simple example to get you started:


const int DOUT_PIN = 2;
const int SCK_PIN = 3;

HX711 scale;

void setup() {
scale.begin(DOUT_PIN, SCK_PIN);

void loop() {
Serial.print(“Weight: “);
Serial.print(scale.get_units(), 2); // 2 decimal places
Serial.println(” kg”);

delay(1000); // update every second

In this code, we first include the HX711 library and define the pins for DOUT and SCK. We then create an instance of the HX711 class called ‘scale’ and initialize it with the pins. In the loop function, we continuously read the weight data from the sensor and print it to the Serial Monitor with two decimal places. You can adjust the delay time to change how often the weight data is updated.

With this simple code, you can now start reading data from your weight sensor and use it in your projects. Whether you want to build a smart scale, a load cell-based alarm system, or a robotic arm with force feedback, the Arduino HX711 module gives you the flexibility to incorporate weight sensing capabilities into your designs.

In conclusion, getting started with weight sensors using the Arduino HX711 is straightforward and opens up a world of possibilities for your projects. By following the steps outlined in this guide and experimenting with different configurations, you can unleash your creativity and build innovative solutions that make use of weight sensing technology. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on an Arduino HX711 module and start exploring the world of weight sensors today!


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