Jewellery Scale in pune

A jewelry scale is a type of precision scale designed to measure small weights typically used in the jewelry industry. Jewellery scales are highly accurate and precise, typically measuring weights in increments of 0.01 grams or less.

Jewellery scales may come in different designs and capacities, ranging from portable pocket scales that can measure weights up to a few hundred grams to larger benchtop scales that can measure weights up to several kilograms. They may use different types of weighing sensors, such as strain gauge, electromagnetic force restoration, or capacitive sensors, depending on the scale’s accuracy requirements and intended use.

Jewellery scales are commonly used in jewelry stores and manufacturing facilities to weigh precious metals, gems, and other small items accurately. They may also be used for weighing medications or other items that require precise measurements.

Overall, jewellery scales are essential tools in the jewelry industry, where accuracy and precision are critical to ensuring the quality and value of the finished product.

Product Details:

Usage/ApplicationJewellery Shop
MaterialStainless Steel
Model Name/NumberDIB
Display TypeDigital
Power Supply230V 10% 50Hz
Operating Temperature0 Degree C to 60 Degree C
Pan Size108 mm Dia

Useful For:

  • Jwellery Shop.
  • Gold Smith.
  • Fruit Stall etc.
  • Chemical Laboratory.
  • Textile Industries.


  • High precision Japanese technology loadcell
  • Quick response with auto Zero Tracking.
  • Easy to read bright LED Display
  • Light weight & Compact Design.
  • Overload Protection 150 % of rated capacity.
  • Protective PVC cover for dust & humidity.
  • Rugged construction with S.S /M. S.
  • Removable Platform.
  • Inbuilt battery with charging facility

Product Range:

ModelCapacityAccuracy (in gm)Pan Size (in mm)
DIB – 120120 gm0.01 gm108 Dia
DIB – 200200 gm0.01 gm108 Dia
DIB – 300300 gm0.01 gm108 Dia
DIB – 600600 gm0.01 gm108 Dia
DIB – 10001 Kg0.02 gm200X240
DIB – 200025 Kg0.05 gm200X240
DIB – 30003 Kg0.1 gm200X240